Online Medical Opinion Management System ™
OMOMS is an online 2nd opinion management service offered by eHealthVision is the one of its kind on the internet with the approach to create a portal that can help every one on earth to seek better care advice from the care experts present at any part of earth with reliable and proven experience and background. Patients who have received a diagnosis of any life-threatening or life-altering conditions can request an electronic consultation with physicians delivering care at prestigious institutes of the world

Clinical Research Analysis & Management System ™
Clinical Investigations have been enriched by the identification of

  • new components of the human genome
  • innovative molecular biological concepts
  • more complicated appreciation of the provocative, neoplastic, and other processes.

All are demanding for automation that can provide accurate and efficient analysis of data i.e. micro array data analysis and survival trees. Our CRAMS®, efficiently and effectively addresses these challenges of modern research.

MT Worx ™
Sound vibrates in waves at different Frequencies and influences both the emotions and certain physiological functions, such as heart rate and breathing. Even sounds and frequencies beyond the range of the human ear can have an impact. Practitioners use various approaches and work with the voice or electronic or musical instruments to generate sound waves, or to choose music, which restore balance in the Body and promote self-healing.